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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 8, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PST

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this is "the five." so today, our tuesday was the quiet kid spanking the bully after six years of taunting. the quiet kid -- it's like the defense attorney plead -- their goal is to save the president, but tuesday was bad. the damage, well harry reid is no longer senate majority
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leader. now he can return to doing what he does best, nothing. charlie crist won, somewhere there's a tanning salon with his name on it. and wendy davis said that any woman who voted republican, should fall off the face of the earth. lesson, if you -- mia love, back, haitian, mormon, republican, she scares liberals more than simple math. she's ee's a lawyer and an acti. joni ernst won, she's for fair market health care, she's for tax reform. kim scott, the first black to win in the house and senate, received an f on the naacp report card. it stands for fear. the biggs loser, the media, who
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sheltered obama like a wounded kitten in a snowstorm. their love created a pig in a blanket of -- no amount of mustard could save this weany. this gop wave is a huge waste if you don't find someone who can ride it. first i want to go to a sound on tape of president obama talking about working with the gop at a wonderful lunch today, let's roll that. >> we have seen now for a number of cycles that the american people just want to see work done here in washington. i think they're frustrated by the gridlock and one thing that i have committed to both speaker boehner and leader mcconnell is that i am not going to judges ideas based on whether they're democratic or republican, i'm going to be judging them based on wloohether or not they work.
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>> for lunch they had fillet and sea bass, i think they should have had lame duck. we'll be right back. do you believe that ideas are not somehow connected to their ideology or their party? >> i feel like he's -- it's like he's playing a role, and it was like this is what you should say, and the lunch looked so uncomfortable. i like how they sat people. there ee's reid and boehner and mcconnell and schuster, i wonder if they were texting und inunderneath this table. he said repeatedly, down the line, we think that my poison the well for other things we try to do. the president kind of shut him down. >> that's a good point, eric. they're talking about compromise, but he's going to do
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an executive order on amnesty, which basically says, screw u you. >> he has a history of no compromise. obama care, there was no compromise, there was 200,000 illegal children coming from central america, no compromise there, he doesn't compromise, he won't compromise, so it's illegal, maybe not illegal, this executive fiat allows 4 million to 5 million people to stay in the country, even though boehner say it was poi sosoning the bel and even if it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull. the republicans always have to compromise, no way. the time for compromise is over. you didn't want compromise when the house was republican and the senate was democrat. now all of a sudden it's republican, and you want to compromise. >> we wanted to know if we had
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any tape of bill o'reilly talking about compromise. >> voters i expect the gop to m improve things in america. if those expectations are not met in the next two years, hillary clinton has a very good chance of becoming the next few president. so the republicans need to come up end new laws that will help all americans. >> the problem for me is how do republicans and president obama compromise when republicans think president obama is merely wrong, but president obama thinks republicans are evil. and you can't compromise with evil, right? >> i think it's grossly unfair to say that -- the press has been strong on this editorially. i wrote a book on it four years ago, called "common ground."
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people are aware how the public feels about this. and by the way, in the market for the obama care bill, not a single republican even showed up. >> they didn't take any democrats -- >> that was not a crowning achievement of by partisan legislation. >> you're not suggesting there was compromise on obama care, i hope? >> i think there was. >> oh, come on. >> and we let it get democratic, that was compromise in the middle of night. >> interestingly, david axelrod suggested that the president put off the executive order on amnesty piece. why not then use that opportunity to jam the republicans and say i'll hold off, but you have an up-or-down vote by march 31st? why not be smart about it? what is the rush? i don't think the president has
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defined the problem. >> i think part of the rush is that he'll be doing it during a lame duck congress, so they won't have that many votes to overturn him. but i think frankly the reason is that the republicans have not, will not negotiate seriously on immigration reform. they want one thing. they want to seal the boarder and send all of them back home. >> that's not true. >> really. >> it is not true. you're conflating legal immigration with illegal immigration. everybody who agrees with the american ideal believes in legal immigration, we just have to enforce the law. >> this is where the law lives. >> what is going to come out of this meeting? anything good? do you see any compromise? >> i see pepcid ac that looks like the most uncomfortable situation, like a blind date i
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went on when i was 16 years old. awkward, awkward, awkward. i think, i'm hoping with the hopeful that they're going to get the message from the can exit polling that americans are strongly dissatisfied with both sides, and they expect better government and they should. so this is an opportunity if anybody wants to be open and listen to what others say, they want the bang for their buck. they don't want you to go to the hill and say, yeah, i'm better than the other guy, that's a waste of time. show that you're going to be different. both sides need to do it. do i think the republicans were treated fairly or they tried to compromise? no, but you lead by example. you can't just sit there and say we're going to pay it back to you. >> so you say, okay, obama, you want $4 million, take 4 million?
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>> no, you rule by consensus, how about saying, let's do the keystone. >> get rid of the medical device tax. >> where is that a compromise on the republicans side? >> i'm saying they should push forward and try to find common ground and convince them. use the power of persuasion, they have some kind of political will behind them now, see if you can do that, put it to a vote. let them fail at, but at least you've gone forward with some things that are mutually acceptable. >> democrats should not now march in lock step with obama. they do not need obama now, he's going to be out. there are a lot of democrats on the keystone pipeline, for example, obama may say, no, but they're going to say, mr. president, we're going to go on that. obama is not going to put himself in a position to veto
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bills that have democratic -- >> my point is, come with something that you actually can get common ground on versus right away off the top of a detractable issue that you know you're not going to get anywhere with. massage it. >> even though the republican won these elections, you still have to earn the support and the trust of the entire country who just hated the democrats this time. it's not enough just to ride on the hate. >> i think they wanted to stop, and a few things, which is stop what's happening in washington and then figure out how to move forward from there. i think on immigration, there was, remember when the president in august, they seized up when the president said he was going to do the executive order. i don't know about the rush
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before december, except for the lame duck. but that would be a way for him to immediately gain good will. he was trying to get it together. use your new congress and show me what you can get on immigration. stepping back from that on the big picture of immigration, i think the president has got to come out and give some sort of speech that says exactly how does he see the problem, how does he define it and what is the solution he's proposing? immigration reform is not well defined by either one. the last thing i would say on that is last year when patty murray and paul ryan got together to work out that budget deal, perhaps that would happen on immigration. or any of these issues, mcconnell and boehner come up with a solution and -- >> maybe this town has to do it
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incrementally. >> yeah, okay. >> you do the -- >> you can also increase legal immigration. you can do trade. >> dana? >> yeah, on immigration, i think you could do the piece that the business community really, really wants, i shouldn't say that's to the only things they want. they want to be able allow everyone legally who deserves to be here to be here, but the high-tech community, the scientists and the engineers, is something we could sell to the american people. they could get that done in a lame duck in about five hours. >> the problem is the illegal influx eliminates the process. so when you eliminate the process, you also eliminate the idea that people who go through this process get it, not because they deserve it. that's a key distinction. we all feel that people coming here earn it because they want to be here, because they get --
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they understand what america is, right? isn't that the whole point? >> yes, except that i don't think they believe they're going to get that. every immigrant in this city, who makes beds at hotels every morning. is not buying that i can go down and i can register. you've got to take all the demons out there. >> it's easier not to do that. literally, they don't get deported, contrary to the white house -- >> every day with no documents is a very, very difficult thing. >> if you're handed a deportation slip and you're never followed up on, obama says it counts as deportation, even if you're still in america. >> yeah, because people get those and flee to other states. >> they don't have to flee. >> we covered this on o'reilly, bob. you should watch it.
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president obama has a new pen
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>> ambassador bolton thinks -- >> notion of correspondenting against isis sounds superofficially appealing. but the fact of the matter is are differences with iran are far greater than isis. iran remains america's principle adversary. >> i don't trust the iranians, i don't think we need to bring them into this and i would hope that the negotiations that are under way are serious negotiations. but i have my doubts. >> the white house isn't commenting on the correspondence. >> i think you know that i'm not going to comment on any private communication between the president and any world leader.
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but i will say this, first of all, as i have said repeatedly in public and others have too, we are in no way engaged in any military coordination with iran on counteri ining isil. >> the john hay initiative, the group that is trying to prevent iran from getting the nuclear weapon said is that the november 24 deadline defined by the president and the world community is approaching and is only a couple of weeks away. there's every indication that if the united states makes a deal with iran, it will fail to set back in any way iran's nuclear program. and that country would be on the threshold of getting a nuclear weapon. >> i don't think the iranians are in a position yet, for another year, at least, to put a
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missile that's able to fire. we hated the russians, we joined together to fight a common enemy. i think iran's willing to join us with influence. because the -- attached by this group on iran is real and they're worried about it and they want to stop. >> how do you think that iran wants anything other than getting a nuclear weapon, and we're fog itllowish to second -t the president, the -- you're out of your mind if you think you're going to change their view on the west, on israel. >> and they have this self-preservation in mind and that is to keep it's siskiss aw
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from iran. >> the president has boxed himself into a choice of two things, we need to destroy and integrate isis and we really don't want iran to have a nuclear weapon. so the president is twixt and between. >> you need to not call them iranians. i agree with bob in the sense that we have communicated with our adversaries, we communicated with the ussr during the cold war. that's what we do. but the problem is, it's not the action, it's the actor, we have a problem with president obama which seems to be the weakest at least competent car salesman on the lot, he would trade a -- he's going to give away the whole tree. we don't trust him, we trust a strong patriotic leader to have these secret meetings, but we can't trust him with a secret
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deal. he's not churchill, he's cho chompsky. >> talk about being caught in the middle, our allies in the fight against isis, the sun anies -- i'm not necessarily against sending them letters if he wants to box them in. but what about our allies? >> i also look at it in a more global perspective, we have to keep that in play over here and we also have to understand our relation shim with israel, let's not be naive and stupid to think that we can get in bed with iran, like naked, vulnerable, starving, we don't need them. rely on american strength and independence to do the right mission. we can start bargaining positions. they'll lie anyway. >> the president said in the press conference the other day
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that the sanctions are working, why not allow them to keep working, he also sent double the american forces to go to iraq to help fight isis. >> the difference between the sanctions they have on now and getting a nuclear deal. and that's what's imperative here. within a year, the united states ought to join forces with israel and take it out. >> what's in it for us to do a deal with iran? >> nothing. >> what's in it for us? hopefully to keep iran, not being as aggressive in that region. >> every 2,000 years -- >> that's going to make valerie jarrett very happy. >> hopefully, this is not just based on hope. coming up, jerry signfield has just revealed something about himself that a lot of his fans are going to be surprised to hear.
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it's been one week since marine sergeant andrew tahmooressi was released from a mexican prison. >> the guy comes running, the guard, comes and starts whacking me with a stick. they drag me into the wall, put me on my knees up against the wall, they started hitting me in the face with open palms. i was glad as i could be to take that beating, i was just like bring it, bring it on, effort just joyful knowing that i got away from that place. so the beating didn't bother me. >> sergeant tahmooressi takes us through the moment when he got released. >> my mom told me she thought it was going to be very soon.
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and hey, it's going to be today. they told me to take a shower and shave, they told me to clean up. so i cleaned up. the lady came from the courthouse with the paper work saying that my immediate release was being command end. >> it's sad as a country and many people tried to do a lot to help this young man who clearly suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. who according to the facts, our own greta van sustren said, he made a wrong turn. why didn't the justice department do more to bring our
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american marine home, dana? >> i have no good answer for it. i don't think the white house does either, if they had one they would have provided it. they were reluctant to say maybe it was to protect him. perhaps the coming days there will be more of an explanation. bottom line is great to have him home and i hope he does get some of the care and feeding that he needs. >> it's cause for concern that his -- president obama call up and try to doomething to interseed. we have a lot of help we provide mexico that we provide them. why don't they respond to the call to release our solder? >> baffling. i don't know what took them so long. thank god he's out and we have him back. and we had him on prior to greta, when you watch that, you
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just see, like she said, he is fragile, he attempted suicide. >> you mean how much he's suffering? >> i feel horrible that he's been locked up, arms and legs and chained to a bed. and ultimately he was released because of the ptsd. if our state department knew how bad he was, isn't that -- >> isn't it bad enough that he was behind bars for 214 days? >> all the these things, you see the department of gist go crazy about this, why the deafeni ini silence? >> the fox news avoiding s syndro syndrome. whenever our -- we have been very gracious with the influx of their citizens coming here often uninvited, we treated them
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nicely, they could have just treated one of ours, just treat him well, that's all we ask. and i often think of one other troubled soldier and that's bird dog. and he got a rose garden -- he was a troubled guy and they made a big deal about getting him back. -- but this is like, it's weird to me--i don't -- maybe we don't know everything, but the fact is, we didn't know everything or anything about bergdahl and that was a rose garden ceremony that was everywhere. >> we know about the americans that died trying to find him, who inge stead let him in mexico, which should have been a lay-up for us to get him out. it's cause for concern that this happened the way it did. i don't see any good reason or excuse for it. we deal with i, we worveg it out, we don't leave him there to
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be beaten when he's already suffering. >> don't think we weren't trying to get him out. but this place is controlled by drug gangs. they control the prisons. >> wouldn't it be great if the s.e.a.l. team would have gone and gotten him out. >> why didn't the president of mexico do something? honestly, i would have pinched a wallet. >> if it was in control of the government, i understand trying to work through government ways, but if you're saying they control the prisons then you have to go in. >> why don't they tell us?
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next, the film of mark zuckerburg's life may have won an oscar, but it's not a winner in his opinion. why the facebook founder says he was hurt by the movie. it's coming up
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welcome back. time for-"fastest seven minutes" on all of television. first up, jerry seinfeld is a master at making people laugh, a comic genius so it might surprise a lot of people to hear his self-diagnosis, he may have autism. >> i think i'm on the spectrum. you're never paying attention to the right things, basic social engagement is really a struggle. i'm very literal.
1:39 am
when people talk to me and they use expressions, sometimes they don't know what they're saying. i don't see it as dysfunctional, i just see it as an alternate mindset. >> greg, your thoughts on this one? >> i'm always against self-diagnosis. and when people are talking about being on a spectrum of anything, i don't know exactly what that means, i have quote outrage foatigue. he made a poifbt about enjoying what you do. not about how much money you make. >> greg told me about this series that he's been doing, coff coffee. >> comedians in cars having coffee. i don't know if he's got autism at all. i don't know enough about it. i know he's extremely talented.
1:40 am
we love him. his message about -- the reason he keeps doing stand yup is tha he loves doing it and it gives him joy. >> the autism thing has probably plagued him for a long time. he may think he's got it u. but if you get somebody who steps up, autism is a ter rim thi terrible disease, if he wants to be autistic, let him be autistic. >> i think what he was trying to say, he relates and understands, no judgment, we all have different things going on with us, he's a champion of autism and research and fundraising for families, is so many children aflibl afflicted with it. it's very hard on the families, it really is. i think he should be applauded for his outreach and being
1:41 am
incredibly -- >> he's talking about his personality. >> what makes him -- >> what makes him operate, what makes him tick, what makes him funny. next up, it's been over seven years since the finale of "the sopranos" he's now teasing a possible prequell. are you on board for a prequell of the stop plsopranos, everybo is still talking about it. >> bobby, are you a big fan? can you believe that was seven years ago? >> i know he's an italian. it takes place in new jersey, right? then that makes sense. talking about making a movie about it. they're probably going to do it. >> good idea, good business sense, right?
1:42 am
>> of course. >> i think that there should be more -- you know, truly i don't care, if they want to make it, great. i wonder where the creativity is. there was a book -- that's the only prequell i ever liked. >> you're so going to be my phone a friend on one of those shows. >> why is a prequell not cool? >> prequell is latin for how do we make more money off a dead series. "sex and the city," let's have a prequell to that. prequell sounds like a medicine you buy when you think you're about to get sick. like your co-worker than coughing on you for two weeks. prequell, you just start drinking it and it's all booze. >> rave reviews from critics and
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won three academy awards. >> the algorithm being used for chess players, we're ranking girls. >> the girl a has a rating ra, girl b has a rate of rb. >> he just told the crowd he was ant big fan. here's mark zuckerberg. >> they just kind of made up that i just felt kind of personal. they made up this whole plot line about how i somehow decided to create facebook to attract girls. the woman who i'm married to who i've been dating for more than ten years, i was actually even dating her before i even started facebook. if somehow i was trying to create facebook to get more women, that probably would not have gone over too well in my relationship. >> by the way, artistic, what is
1:44 am
it acalled, artistic license. >> i wonder if i were in his position, would i have watched the movie. i think i would have just had somebody that worked for me tell me about it. >> of course he would have watched it. >> really? or you would have had greg watch it and tweet about it. in a movie where i make an app that's worth a million dollars? >> here's the thing, he can't expect hollywood to do a realistic portrayal of making facebook. it would be like doing a musical on for tran, just three hours of people in front of computers. what spencer did, which was brilliant, he made a modern day western, he replaced cowboys with coders. i thought it was interesting. although groaning men saying that it's hurtful. you're not supposed to use that word, there's no such thing as hurtful. >> my wife always says, oh, he's
1:45 am
a wonderful man, don't say he's a wonderful man. >> my gosh. out of reese witherspoon. >> sean penn's ex-wife. >> and you're one of the brady kids. >> you would be one of the brady kids. whoever, they could use his job. >> i would be meat ball. >> i don't have one. >> david hassle hof. >> some stuff, they're going to kill themselves. >> i had it on five. >> how fox news got that
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exclusive interview with thehehe
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did you ever skip class in college? i skipped my senior year pretty much. but i was a football player and
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i got away with it. i think that's outrageous. i played at harvard and i dealt with so many replies. >> by the way, if you're ever in a private campus or a private building, you think you're going to be snooped on, listened to, followed, just expect it in 24/7. but when they do it in your private home as well as public places. >> you think people will bump you in your dorm room? >> in class. >> you had a perfect record,
1:51 am
right? >> i don't remember ever actually skipping a college class on purpose like i just did not go, like i was hung over or something like that. >> for two years, i probably didn't go to one class. i took a note taking care. i watched every single soap opera known to man for the first two years, because i didn't pay for my education, because i didn't pay for my education, my parents did, i didn't feel the pinch. it's like blowing off a concert that somebody else paid for. if i had paid for my own education, i would have taken it for seriously. it's good that they follow kids that are skipping class because they're paying for those classes and the parents deserve to know if they're there or not. >> it's amazing what a few
1:52 am
decades will do to your mind. one more thing is next. i did it on purpose. >> started the music. >> anyway, so, because i like to talk about this, like dana, we're kindred spirits and i had perfect attendance. i cried when i couldn't go to class. this is true, and i was one time late to law school, and i got a standing ovation, i love education, i come from an immigrant family, i know the value of hard work and the benefit of getting an education like we have here. like we have here. go to ) - okay, josh, do your stuff! - okay, people, you know the drill. - ♪ ...what you believe ♪ open your arms, 'cause that's where it starts ♪ - ♪ right here with you and with me... ♪ - ( josh speaks )
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♪ what the world needs now... ♪ a message from the foundation for a better life.
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one more thing, eric? >>i >> its friday, it's time for -- so doing my best not to kick a guy when he's down. but look what happened this week, with a loss in the florida governor's race, charlie crist has now lost as a republican in 2007, as an independent in 2010, and as a democrat in 2014, he's the only guy in my mind who has lost an elected air force in all three of the independent major parties. remember this, that poor fan? bye-bye fan, i guess it didn't work. i'll be hosting o'reilly tonight, check it out, really
1:57 am
big show, a lot about race and what happened in the midterms. >> next time he should run as a human being. >> or gumby, gumby's popular. you're going to hear for the very first time from the navy s.e.a.l. who shot and killed osama bin laden. he will explain how he did on the kelley file last night. >> i have seen clips from this program, and i was in tears, i was unable to move in my chair. it was incredibly gripping. how did you get this? >> we got connected through a third party and over time, we developed a relation shim and this summer, something happened that we'll cover in the special, this summer is when i want to tell the story and now is when i want to reveal myself. >> the two-night special, man that killed osama bin laden, premiers tuesday, at 10:00 p.m. eastern.
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a friend of mine, ed gillespie, we talked about him a little bit this week because he was running as the republican for the virginia u.s. senate seat. he came this close to winning in a surprise that no one except for me believed in. actually had a great campaign, at of volunteer support. he may not have won the election, but we won a lot of hearts and minds. >> to be called senator, but the best thing i have ever been called is dad. anyway, congratulations, ed, i hope you get some family time. >>. we have got to move on, dana, you had your chance. we had be big anniversaries this weekend. sunday november 9, the 25th anniversary of the fall of the
1:59 am
berlin wall. which is basically the end of the cold war. we got to give credit where it's due, ronald reagan, and i would give credit to gorbachev, but the unsung hero, our nuclear weapons which avoided the conflict. that's a hot topic, you know what is a hot topic? hot topic, the only shop where america's underappreciated government community, remember that goth are people too. even though they look like unhappy zombies, they're actually quite fun to be around. so congratulations, hot topic. >> i would like to say to all of my republican colleagues out, don't feel so bad, this is the 30th anniversary yesterday of my managing walter mondale's campaign and as you'll see, it was one blue because we won one state, don't feel bad, you can
2:00 am
go on tv as a political expert. only in america can'z1n÷ you do. see you monday, special report's up next. night. i'm martha maccallum. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. major news out of the white house today. president obama has selected his pick for the next attorney general of the united states. now, this comes on the same day that the president met with congressional leaders at the white house and approved the pentagon's request to send 1,500 additional u.s. troops to iraq. fox's own ed henry is in the briefing room with all the breaking details tonight. ed. >> sean, good to see you. what was interesting about this meeting is that republicans emerged saying that they believe it was actually a good start, that a conversation was started. there was a lot of substance at this meeting where they talked about the president wanting more ebola funding to deal with that crisis. also talked about ways to potentially create jobs. i'm told broader


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